Day 1

Log 1 January 4,2011

Today we were in Lyroha. We woke up and walked out of the inn we where staying. We didn’t know what to do until some stranger came up to us and asked us to go unto the sewers. His name was Lenard and he was weird. We went into the sewers and it was pitch black. We heard noises and when we turned the corner, we found huge rats. After a while we started to kill the all but they almost killed Thorkirv. He was knocked unconscious and was inches away from death but prevailed. We killed the last rat in the area and found the body of someone that came in here earlier. We also found the crystal that was the power source for the lights so we flicked those on. Selukia created a floating disk to carry the body. We left the sewers and then Selukia went to the blacksmith alone and sold the looted short sword. He kind of scared the Blacksmith with the floating disk with the body. We sent Thorkirv to the inn to rest from his sickness and his injuries Tsuna and Selukia went to deliver the body to Lenard. As a reward for finding the body, Lenard was able to get us a luxurious room at the in for only 1 GP. Tsuna went there to bath and received a grand meal while Selukia went to read as much as he could at the library in town.



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