Day 2

Log 2 January 8, 2011

Tsuna wakes up and finds Thorkirv has left and disappeared. Tsuna rushed to the library where Selukia was reading all night. Ask Tsuna was taking to Selukia, Dark Matter aproached them and eventually joined the party. All three of them then went into the sewers. The took a left turn at the fork and were confronted by rats. They nearly ate Dark Matter and Tsuna. Dark Matter found some magical items and Selukia wanted to see them, but Dark Matter didn’t want to share. This made Selukia very angry. After all the rats where cleared, Urggahagzz, the Rat Lord, crawled out to kill the heroes that killed his followers. Urggahagzz knocked Dark Matter unconscious. As a desparete move that was also filled with anger, Selukia used one of his strongest powers that overkilled both Urggahagzz and Dark Matter. Selukia did this on perpose. Selukia also looted Dark Matter’s body and kicked it down a pit. Selukia turned the valve that released the water back to Lyroha. Before they go back up to the surface,Selukia found a dagger +1 and gave it to Tsuna. They go to the surface and go to the Tavern to find Lenard. Lenard gives them his thanks and give them 100 GP, free stays at the inn, and free drinks which Selukia can’t take because he doesn’t even breath air. Lenard also told them to go the the Blacksmith. To everyone’s surprise, Lenard is the Mayor of Lyroha. Tsuna and Selukia went to the blacksmith and received upgrades to one piece of their equipment. As the were standing outside, a stranger confronted them and gave them the Shining Sigil. He then quickly disappeared. They were told to head east and go into the mountains. The next morning the headed off to the east. At about midday they entered a forest. As they were walking, a young Will-o-wisp became attracted to Selukia because of how much anguish he gives off. The Will-o-wisp became part of the party.



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